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Places to Eat in Midland TX

“A Culinary Journey Through Midland, Texas: Top Places to Satisfy Your Palate”

places to eat in midland tx


Midland, Texas, a city deeply rooted in oil history, has more to offer than just drilling rigs and petroleum. The culinary scene in Midland is a hidden gem, with a diverse array of restaurants that cater to every taste and preference. In this gastronomic guide, we’ll explore some of the top places to eat in Midland, from sizzling steakhouses to international flavors, to uncover the delicious treasures that this West Texas city has to offer.

Section 1: Texas Tradition – Midland’s Iconic Steakhouses

No visit to Midland is complete without savoring a succulent Texan steak. The city boasts some renowned steakhouses that promise an unforgettable dining experience.

The Garlic Press: Housed in a beautifully restored historic building, The Garlic Press is a local favorite known for its perfectly cooked steaks. Whether you opt for a ribeye or filet mignon, each cut is paired with a delectable selection of sauces and sides. The elegant yet welcoming ambiance makes it the ideal place for both special occasions and casual gatherings.

Wall Street Bar & Grill: This upscale steakhouse is celebrated for its prime cuts, including the signature tomahawk ribeye. With an extensive wine list, it’s the perfect setting for a romantic dinner. The cozy atmosphere, complete with dim lighting and plush seating, adds to the charm.

Section 2: International Flavors – A World of Culinary Delights

Midland’s culinary diversity extends beyond traditional Texas fare, offering a wide range of international cuisines for those seeking worldly flavors.

Thai House: For a taste of Thailand in West Texas, Thai House offers authentic dishes in a cozy atmosphere. From classic Pad Thai to spicy curries, their menu caters to various tastes. The balance of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors in their dishes is nothing short of exquisite.

Addis Ababa Ethiopian Restaurant: For a truly unique experience, visit Addis Ababa Ethiopian Restaurant. It’s a cultural and culinary gem, serving traditional Ethiopian dishes like injera, doro wat, and kitfo. The communal style of dining here enhances the experience, making it perfect for sharing meals with friends or family.

Section 3: Hidden Gems – Uncovering Midland’s Culinary Secrets

While Midland boasts its share of well-known dining establishments, some hidden gems often go overlooked by tourists but are beloved by locals.

Riley’s Bar-B-Q: If you’re on the hunt for authentic Texas barbecue, Riley’s is a must-visit. Their smoked brisket and ribs are incredibly tender, and the homemade sides like coleslaw and mac ‘n’ cheese perfectly complement the meats. It’s a no-frills joint that captures the essence of Texas barbecue culture.

La Margarita Mexican Food: For lovers of Tex-Mex, La Margarita is a hidden treasure. It’s a family-owned restaurant that serves mouthwatering dishes like enchiladas, tacos, and their famous margaritas. The vibrant and colorful decor creates a festive atmosphere.

places to eat in midland tx

Section 4: Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth – Dessert Destinations

A culinary journey isn’t complete without indulging in delectable desserts. Midland offers a range of sweet spots to please your palate.

Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery: Craving cupcakes and ice cream? Smallcakes has you covered. With a rotating selection of cupcake flavors, you’ll find everything from classic red velvet to inventive creations like salted caramel pretzel. Pair it with their homemade ice cream for a truly sweet treat.

Susie’s South Forty Confections: For lovers of all things sweet, Susie’s South Forty is a haven. Famous for its toffee and pralines, this candy shop is a delightful place to satisfy your sugar cravings. They also offer tours where you can witness the candy-making process.

Section 5: Family-Friendly Dining – Where to Bring the Kids

Midland’s dining scene is not just for adults. There are plenty of family-friendly restaurants where you can enjoy a meal with your little ones.

Murray’s Deli: Murray’s Deli is a family-friendly deli known for its generous sandwiches and kid-friendly options. With a casual atmosphere, it’s an ideal spot for a relaxed family lunch. The extensive menu offers everything from classic Reubens to customizable sandwiches.

Rosa’s Cafe & Tortilla Factory: Tex-Mex is a crowd-pleaser, and Rosa’s is a go-to destination for families. From quesadillas to crispy tacos, their menu is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. The spacious seating and friendly staff make it a comfortable place for family meals.

Section 6: Dining with a View – Restaurants Offering Scenic Vistas

If you’re looking for a dining experience with a view, Midland offers some fantastic options.

KD’s Bar-B-Q: KD’s not only serves mouthwatering barbecue but also boasts a great outdoor patio with scenic views. Enjoy your meal while taking in the West Texas sunset and the charming ambiance that Midland has to offer.

Tall City Brewing Co.: A favorite among craft beer enthusiasts, Tall City Brewing Co. is not only known for its brews but also for its rooftop bar. With a panoramic view of downtown Midland, it’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a meal or snacks with a side of stunning city views.

places to eat in midland tx

Section 7: Beyond Dinner – Brunch and Breakfast in Midland

Don’t forget to start your day with a hearty breakfast or enjoy a leisurely brunch during your visit to Midland.

Jorge’s Cafe: For a classic American breakfast or brunch experience, Jorge’s Cafe is a beloved local spot. From fluffy pancakes to omelets, you’ll find a variety of options to kickstart your day. The cozy and welcoming atmosphere is perfect for a morning meal.

The Garlic Press (Brunch): While The Garlic Press is known for its fine dining experience in the evenings, it also offers a delightful brunch on weekends. You can savor delicious brunch options in a more relaxed setting, making it an excellent choice for a leisurely morning meal.

Section 8: Local Breweries and Craft Beer

Midland has seen a surge in the popularity of craft beer, and local breweries have emerged as vibrant hubs for beer enthusiasts.

Tall City Brewing Co.: Mentioned earlier for its scenic rooftop bar, Tall City Brewing Co. is also a haven for craft beer lovers. With a rotating selection of small-batch brews, it’s a place where you can sample unique and flavorful beers brewed right on the premises.

Forklift & Keystones: A relative newcomer on the scene, Forklift & Keystones is gaining recognition for its craft beers and a laid-back atmosphere. Whether you’re into IPAs, stouts, or sours, you’ll find a diverse array of brews to quench your craft beer thirst.

Section 9: Fine Dining Experiences

For those seeking an upscale and refined dining experience, Midland offers a few select options.

The Wall Street Bar & Grill: Mentioned earlier for its prime steaks, The Wall Street Bar

& Grill also shines in the realm of fine dining. Their elegant ambiance and impeccable service make it an excellent choice for special occasions. The menu extends beyond steaks, featuring gourmet seafood and decadent desserts.

Pi Social: Pi Social offers a unique blend of classic and contemporary cuisine. Their menu showcases creative dishes and a well-curated wine list. The intimate setting and modern decor create an upscale dining atmosphere that is ideal for a sophisticated night out.

Section 10: Farm-to-Table Dining

The farm-to-table movement is alive and well in Midland, with restaurants that emphasize fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Clear Springs Cafe: Clear Springs Cafe is dedicated to serving dishes made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Their ever-changing menu reflects the best that West Texas has to offer. From farm-fresh salads to hearty entrees, you’ll experience the flavors of the region.

Opal’s Table: Opal’s Table has made a name for itself by championing farm-to-table cuisine. They work closely with local producers to ensure that each dish is a celebration of the region’s harvest. The menu is a fusion of traditional and contemporary American flavors, highlighting the importance of sustainable and local sourcing.

Section 11: Customer Reviews and Recommendations

To provide a more well-rounded view of these dining establishments, let’s include some customer reviews and recommendations:

The Garlic Press:

  • John, a local resident, raves, “The Garlic Press is our go-to for special occasions. The steaks are always perfectly cooked, and the ambiance is unbeatable.”
  • Sarah, a visitor, notes, “I had the pleasure of experiencing their Sunday brunch, and it was delightful. The Eggs Benedict were heavenly, and the service was top-notch.” Thai House:
  • Mark shares, “Thai House has become my favorite spot for authentic Thai food. Their Pad Thai is the best I’ve had outside of Thailand!”
  • Emily adds, “I’m a vegetarian, and Thai House offers a fantastic selection of veggie-friendly options. The green curry and tofu dishes are a must-try.”

By exploring these diverse culinary offerings in Midland, you’ll experience a city that’s far more than its oil heritage. The culinary landscape has evolved to offer a wide range of flavors, from the rich traditions of Texas to international tastes and hidden gems cherished by the locals. So, whether you’re a visitor or a resident, take a culinary journey through Midland and discover the delectable delights that await you.

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